15 Best F&B options Midwood Residents Can Find in HillV2

The Midwood condominium recently launched by Hong Leong Holdings is conveniently located beside the HillV2 shopping mall on Hillview Rise. Together with the childcare centre housed within Midwood, its easy access to the amenities and F&B options available at the mall provide it with the convenience of a mixed development without actually being a mixed development itself.

This post lists the best and trendy F&B options you can find in the HillV2 shopping mall.

1. Dean and Deluca

The bistro and gourmet cafe hailing from New York City has been well known for its early brunch items, for example, Rainbow, Red Velvet and Carrot Cakes. Midwood residents can look forward to the smell of gourmet coffee at Dean and Deluca after nature hikes in the nearby nature spots on weekend mornings.

2. Stone Cold Creamery

For those new to Stone Cold Creamery, it began business in 1988 at Tempe Arizona, and has in excess of 1,400 stores operating around the world. Their premium ice-cream is freshly made daily, in this manner guaranteeing a superior quality. The delightful dessert is mixed on a solid rock stone, and Midwood residents can blend in different mixes of natural flavours, nuts, treats, brownies and nutty spread. For starters, go for the Founder’s Favorite, or Strawberry Banana Rendezvous – strawberry dessert blended in with graham wafer pie outside layer, white chocolate chips, strawberries and bananas.

3. Starker

True to its name which means ‘stronger’ in German, customers can strong-flavoured German-style craft beer and eats, for example, Pork Knuckles (which are marinated for 24 hours!), Baby Back Ribs, and Braised Lamb Shank. Goodness, the fresh crisp of the skin of the knuckles goes down well with the ice cold beer.

4. Dagiya Gogiya

This is an under-the-radar Korean restaurant which serves fresh, well-marinated meats for its BBQ that is reasonably-priced. A $69 set for 2-3 pax, which included prime meat short rib, marinated pork rib, and beef slices. Couldn’t quit having the delicious, mouth-watering meat cuts. Mashisoyo!

5. Burrito Boys

At this inexpensive Mexican-styled eatery, Midwood residents can have their pick of burrito, bowl or taco, after which they will choose the base, beans, and fillings. Worth trying are the Soft Flour Tortilla paired with Grilled Chicken or Grilled Steak. Don’t miss their fresh homemade blend of guacamole as well!

6. BurgerUp

BurgerUp is the first and only gourmet burger restaurant chain available in Singapore! Go local with their delicious beef burger with french Fries or coleslaw.

7. One More Steamboat and Teppanyaki Buffet

There aren’t many Taiwanese-styled steamboat restaurants in Singapore, so Midwood residents are in for a treat. There are 6 distinctive soup bases which are the Signature Original, Korean Kimchi, German Sauerkraut, Italian Tomato, Vegetarian Herbal and Indian Curry. The soups are made with pork knuckles, huge bones, chicken, vegetables and different herbs, with no additional MSG.

8. Nunuiwangja

Nunuiwangja (articulated as Nun-ee-wang-ja in Korean) otherwise called “Snow Prince”, is a Korean bingsu bistro. The Premium Bingsus sounded all the more intriguing to us – Mango Cheese, Honey Grape and Tangerine, using tropical organic products which were phenomenal in other bingsu bistros. Rather than the typical milk to improve the sweetness of the bingsu, honey was used for a progressively layered taste.

9. iO Italian Osteria

IO Italian Osteria is one of those cafes you will fall in love with at first sight. It feels like an Italian wide open home (or bar) with an open kitchen, roof to-floor windows and wooden furnishings. This is the place Midwood residents can get genuine Italian from 20 distinctive Italian areas, with numerous sauces and dishes arranged without any preparation. The Porchetta of heated pork gut and fennel is tasty and exquisite.

10. Kinsa Sushi

Which self-respecting upscale shopping mall will not have a sushi restaurant, and a top-notch one at that? Kinsa Sushi’s most recent menu was a hit with instagrammers with their photos of purple rice in sushi. Yes, purple. Be sure to indulge in their vivid interpretations of Salmon Mentai Sushi Roll, Hotate Mentai and ‘Dark Beauty’ – that is pan fried shishamo wrapped maki in aburi cheddar and miso, beat with tobiko.

11. Curry Gardenn

Curry Gardenn presents the genuine taste of Indian cuisine, which included with no MSG, no coconut and additives in their dishes. A portion of their menu include Fish Head Curry, Chicken Do Aba – two enhanced chicken with cheddar garnishes; and Hera Bharaa Kebab – minced vegetables southern style.

12. Padang Gourmet

A laidback eatery which has practical experience in Padang food – different dishes, for example, Ox Tail Soup, Beef Rendang, Chicken Kalio, Petai Prawn Sambal and Petai Lodeh with rice. The proprietor who comes from Sumatra prides her dishes as being credible, fresh, with no pre-blends used – “Everything is produced from scratch”. Midwood residents can order a set of Beef Rendang, Chicken Kalio or Fish Samba, with vegetable, bergede, petai potatoes sambal and drink.

13. Wine Connection Bistro

Set up in Bangkok, Wine Connection increases in a wide choice of wines imported straight from vineyards around the globe, including select ones. This bistro at HillV2 presents an exemplary Western menu, with numerous dishes accessible for sharing. Go for the Choucroute Garnie, a French Sauerkraut dish presented with smoked hamburger wiener, ranch house pork frankfurter, smoked pork midsection and potatoes.

14. Chic-a-boo Fried Chicken

For enthusiasts of Aston’s, the brand has opened an inexpensive foodie must-try called Chic-a-boo at HillV2. A set includes a healthy portion of fresh pan-fried chicken, 2 side dishes (get the wavy fries), 1 corn biscuit and a soda.

15. Joyden Canton Kitchen #02-21

Last but not least, this is one Chinese restaurant that sees long lines during weekends, packed with families who go for their mouth-watering Cantonese cuisine. Don’t miss their Fish Maw and Prawns with Glass Noodles in XO Sauce!

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